Our Programs

Elizabeth MacDonald, Founder
Gives parents the opportunity to choose a haircut or head shave for their critically ill child who cannot otherwise leave the hospital.
Shines the spotlight of needed attention and encouragement upon Siblings through exciting performance events created for Siblings Only.
Empowers children with Knowledge, Confidence, and Awareness, allowing each Sibling's individual Star to shine from within.

What People Are Saying About EAMF
  "Thank you for making our children feel so special! EAMF knows just how to make a difficult family situation feel a little more normal!

Thank you for your love and generosity!"

- The Martin Family
  "You made us smile and let go some of the heaviness of the medical difficulties we face with my baby girl. Thank you so much for your warmth and joy.

God Bless your efforts and service."

- Luaae Van Dieper, Paso Robles CA