Childhood illness and the subsequent treatments can be devastating to the parents of pediatric patients…add to that the side effects of those treatments, and the results can be overwhelming. At EAMF, we understand.
Our program, , sends a licensed stylist and an EAMF Supporter into the hospital to cut the hair of children undergoing medical treatment. Whether they are receiving chemotherapy, in hospital for a long-term illness, or waiting for an organ transplant…any child whose illness prevents them from leaving the hospital is eligible. The program is free of charge and provides families with a service that has the ability to empower both the parent and the child during this extremely emotional time.

Why ?

At EAMF, we understand that parents feel helpless and want to do something… anything, to make things better for their children.

 gives parents that opportunity by allowing them to choose when their child will lose their hair…as well as how little or how much is taken off.

The EAMF Supporter is there to support the parent and patient through the haircut…making sure they feel comfortable, confident, and happy during each step of the process. 

For many new parents, the effects of the treatments interfere with the excitement of the “first” haircut. We understand this dilemma and will do everything we can to ensure that this milestone is a happy memory.

EAMF will capture and save the precious first locks as a keepsake for the parents.
At EAMF, we also understand the mixed emotions that teens and preteens feel about losing their hair at this crucial “appearance conscious” time in their lives.

Our  Supporters and Stylists are trained to make this a positive experience.

Whether the teen chooses a short bob, a Mohawk, or a brave head shave…the choice is always theirs.

How does  work?

A parent of a pediatric patient can request the service through their Child Life Specialist, Social Worker, or a member of their medical team.

Once the necessary Permission forms have been signed, an EAMF Supporter and a licensed hair stylist join the parent and patient in their hospital room for the private haircut.

All equipment is clean and sterile, ensuring a safe and sanitary environment.

How can hair stylists get involved?
has proven to enrich the lives of the many hair stylists who have lent their unique talents to this program. If you or a stylist you know may be interested in volunteering your time and talents to make a huge difference in the lives of these families… or if you think you might have what it takes to train to become an EAMF Supporter, visit our STYLIST page.

Please contact us at EAMF if you would like more information about bringing  to your hospital, or know a pediatric patient that might benefit from this program.