The final stages of a child's terminal illness are beyond intense…
nerves are raw and shattered,
emotions are unimaginable and indescribable.
We at EAMF understand this,
and want to do what we can to help families during this difficult time.
Our program provides the family with the gift of a
the opportunity to create, or recreate, one last happy memory.
A quiet moment amidst the noise and chaos of the final days of illness.
These are not huge spectaculars, but rather shared intimate moments created in the child’s hospital room allowing families to connect, to laugh, to love.
 is designed specifically for each family.
whether it is recreating a family tradition,
the best part of a favorite holiday or vacation,
or simplyfinding that special ice cream that brings smiles to the entire family,
EAMF brings everything needed, at absolutely no charge to the families.

Leaves you with a happier memory than those of the final days in the hospital,
a memory that each family member can hold onto forever.
If you are a family in need of a 
know a family that would benefit from this program,
or would like to bring 
 into your Hospital,
please contact EAMF for more information.