shines the Spotlight of needed attention and encouragement upon siblings through exciting performance events created for and ultimately performed by the Siblings.

During these two hour in-hospital events, EAMF secures the time and talents of professional entertainers, who put on a brief show for the siblings.  With the aid of our volunteers, the entertainers help the children learn new talents and put on their own Siblings Only Show for their parents…a very special opportunity when the children have their parent’s undivided attention. 

The Spotlight continues to Shine on each sibling as they are awarded a certificate noting a quality unique or special about each Sibling

Event Examples:
Hip Hop Dance Party
Puppet Paloosa
Abracadabra Magic Show
Gingerbread and Jingles

If you have or know a child who may benefit from a little attention and encouragement, please contact your Child Life Specialist, Social Worker, or a member of your medical team for dates and times of the next Sibling Only events.
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If you would like more information about bringing to your hospital, please contact EAMF.


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