empowers children with Knowledge, Confidence, and Awareness, allowing each child’s individual Star to shine from within.  A more intimate program than the bigger  events with a slight therapeutic brush; a program which acknowledges the illness of their sibling, however, emphasizes their own roles, daily life, and place within the family during this journey. 

Each session is structured around a particular theme that can be altered to meet the needs of the specific hospital clinic or ward, as well as, adapted to the distinctive needs and experiences of individual Star Brothers and Star Sisters.

Siblings will also have the opportunity to gain self-confidence by earning  - medals acknowledging special accomplishments and/or hurdles throughout their journey, i.e.: bravely staying at Grandma’s when their parents needed to be at the hospital, doing their homework everyday for a week without complaining, eating breakfast three days in a row without Mom having to nag, etc.



Session Examples:
Star Boards - Seeing
Star Storybooks - Hearing
Star Powers - Doing
Star Finger Puppets - Feeling


If you have or know a child who may benefit from a little attention and empowerment, please contact your Child Life Specialist, Social Worker, or a member of your medical team for dates and times of the next Sibling Only sessions.
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If you would like more information about bringing the to your hospital, please contact EAMF.


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