The people behind eamf


Elizabeth MacDonald
Founder & president

Elizabeth is a wife, mother, co-owner of a successful business with her husband of over 30 years, and a community activist. Elizabeth began her genuine and true love of caring for children in high school when she was selected as a member of the National Youth Committee for MDA and worked as counselor at Jerry’s Kids summer camps.  Through the years, she continued her work with children battling serious illness, finally landing at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles where, after volunteering for five years, she found her true calling.  Working closely with the families at the hospital, Elizabeth identified a huge gap in the care they were receiving, and set about to raise the awareness that the brothers and sisters of the patients were being “circumstantially neglected” with no dedicated programs in place to support and empower them through the challenging journey of childhood illness.  She has taken their struggle head on, and is determined to shine a light of awareness on and alleviate the devastating effects, both long and short term, that siblings experience due to having a brother or sister battling a health crisis.

(To learn more about Elizabeth’s journey, read Why EAMF?)


Tom Burke
executive Director

Tom oversees all things eamf: day-to-day operations, scheduling, siblings events, educational workshops, etc., but most importantly, he keeps eamf on brand and on the right track to fulfill their mission.  After serving as an eamf board member for two years, Tom left his role as an advocate and educator in the mental health world to take on his current responsibilities with eamf.

“Tom is the earth to my air.  He grounds both me and the foundation in an honest, sensible, and realistic fashion.  There is no way I could have brought eamf to life without his kind heart and incredible vision.”  - Elizabeth MacDonald


Natalie ballard
Administration Coordinator

Natalie supports eamf in all of its functions, including overseeing volunteers/events, communication, social media, and day-to-day operations.  A nationally ranked foil fencer who competed in the World Cup, Natalie is also a wife, new mother, model, and actress who started with eamf as a volunteer and quickly worked her way up from Event/Volunteer coordinator to Executive Assistant to her current role.

“Natalie is a kind, young woman who can be quite tough when needed.  She sees a task and takes action without being asked or told.  She is a team player who has the initiative, insight, skill, and drive that keep eamf moving forward in a positive light.”  - Elizabeth MacDonald

Donielle Arbon
Director of Development

Donielle has had a successful career as a consultant and on staff for various nonprofit organizations throughout the Los Angeles area.  She has helped raise over $20 million dollars for organizations serving the most vulnerable members of our community, including the homeless, those struggling with poverty, substance abuse and mental health issues, victims of domestic violence and their children, and children with learning differences and emotional challenges.

”Donielle’s informed, no nonsense, calm, and clear way of communicating make her such a godsend to eamf.  She listens to our needs, adapts to our way of working, and presents intelligent ideas and plans that are consistent with our vision/mission.”  - Elizabeth MacDonald

Jamie Allen Black
Organizational Advisor

Jamie brings more than 25 years of nonprofit leadership experience and expertise to eamf.  Her current role is as Executive Director of The Jewish Woman’s Foundation of New York.  Previous positions include Director of Strategic Initiatives at Big Tent Judaism and Director of Strategic Planning, Communications, and Training at Hadassah.

“It’s one thing to have a vision.  It’s a far more important thing to find someone like Jamie whose knowledge, expertise, and experience can help formulate a plan to make that vision a reality.”  - Elizabeth MacDonald