The Star Sibling Program empowers children with knowledge, confidence, and awareness and provides individualized, practical, hands-on support to siblings.  The Star Sibling Program acknowledges the illness of their sibling while emphasizing their own roles, daily life, and place within the family during this journey.  Each session is structured around a particular theme that can be altered to meet the needs of the specific hospital, clinic, or ward, and can be adapted to the individual needs of each child.


Siblings have the opportunity to gain self-confidence by earning star medals that recognize special accomplishments and/or hurdles throughout their journey such as being brave when they had to stay at their grandparent’s or friend’s house when mom and dad had to be at the hospital, doing their homework, eating meals, adhering to bedtime routines for one week without resistance and complaining, and allowing family or friends to take them to extracurricular and social activities to give mom and dad some respite time.


Siblings express themselves through:


Arts and Crafts



The Star Sibling Program is free of charge and is for siblings only.  No sick children or parents are allowed.  Snacks and refreshments are provided and each child receives a special T-shirt with the program’s logo on it.  Activities and sessions are staffed with enough volunteers to insure a maximum of a two to one staff-child ratio, guaranteeing that each sibling receives the concentrated attention they need and rightly deserve.

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